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How We Work

Below we have listed some of the services that we do with explanations on the process. It is sort of long, so the TL;DR is in the first paragraph. If you have further questions check out the FAQ or, contact us. 

Audio Production/Music Production


   Generally we are hired to do one of the many jobs that are possible within the scope of audio production and music production. We talk over rights and pay rates that will work for both parties, and from there we move on to planning deadlines and delivering progress as it comes about. Upon completion the client pays the final installment and the full product or service is delivered. Audio and Music Production may involve us combining our duties with many of the work that is described below. This typically is heavily discounted as all work that is required is talked about prior to work starting and allows the band or artist to know the full cost of production. NOTE: It is best for everyone involved if it is an album or a full EP that needs to be produced. For just one song, the costs tend to be higher than that of a song being produced for an album.

Mixing and Mastering

     Mixing and Mastering can be asked for separately. We take a look at all the sounds, recordings, stems and we ask the client what sound they are looking for. The client typically proceeds to give reference materials and we go about sculpting the sound to fulfill the vision while ensuring that the mix meets industry standards. The mix and master is given several passes of auditory trials, various speakers, televisions, phones, mono speakers, car stereos, and at times theater demoing. The client can give input throughout the trials that the mix and master goes through, and is kept up to date with the necessary changes that needs to be implemented or has been implemented. 


       Recording can be done at the house or studio of any of our producers or recording engineers, and can also be done at a studio within the city limits. Recording involves, ensuring the equipment is ready and adequate, and at the same time ensuring that the client or performer is prepared to give it their all while recording. Most clients opt for recording within the homes or studios of our producers or engineers, since that is the cheapest option. The better option is heading towards one of the many studios in nyc and using a pre-setted up studio for the recording that the client has in mind. 

      Vocals, guitar and bass can be recorded at a house without issue. If one wishes to record amps right away, they can in a studio, though it is better to record DI tracks and then reamp as needed! Drums, violins, cellos and other instruments can be recorded within the clients respective house, theater, auditorium or a studio within the city. Recording is done by the HOUR. A set time is set for the recording to take place and the clock ticks as soon as the time scheduled begins. Down payment is required in some instances and the client is required to pay for 1/2 of the time scheduled ahead of time. The client must cancel 20 hours prior to the time scheduled beginning. 

Composition and Songwriting

        Everyone at X-147 Productions writes music, lyrics and composes for hire. From symphonic orchestras, to guitar or band songs, instrumentals, rock hits, metal chaos, rap beats, and lyrics that need a home, we offer a wide variety of diverse competition. For more information you will have to contact us directly, as every request is unique. If you are an artist that is looking to make music, has talent, but lacks creativity or simply wishes to experiment, also contact us and we can arrange a deal or agreement in which work is given on a royalty agreement basis. 

Orchestral Composition

    We Provide orchestral compositions for stringed instruments and ensembles. We also offer this service for plays, musicals, film and video games. 

Film Soundtracks


    At X-147 Productions we take many influences and styles and combine them into unique soundtracks. We take the design elements and reference samples and do our best to fit the sound into the vision that the story and director call for. 

Video game Work (Sound Design/ Special Fx/ ADR/ Voice Overs/ Soundtrack and music)

   What we do with video games is quite extensive, from composing ambiance for suspenseful moments, to recording breathing sounds for running characters, we can do it all. We work with game devs in teams or one on one to ensure that the requirements and vision is understood. We can work on site or off site, though for ease of work it is easier to work off site where our team can easily get hands on with various hardware, talent and studios as necessary

Song Arrangement

   Song arrangement is a process that involves taking an artists idea or vision and shaping it along with secondary input. The input given by us here at X-147 Productions is not mandatory or necessary, but for those starting out or looking to perfect their craft, we can offer our expert opinion and feedback on your work. We also work with bands or artists that are working on concept albums, concept albums require careful planning and crafting to ensure that the work reflects the vision that was intended. 

Guitar Instruction

   We have a guitar instructor that works with beginner and intermediate guitar players. All lesson plans are created specifically for the student in mind. No two lesson plans are the same, each guitar player has their own path, their own needs. If you need more information, contact directly at (

Programmed drums 

   As with songwriting and other compositional elements to music, we offer programmed drum tracks for those that need drum beats for their music or just need something new to write to. Whether it is 4/4, 8/4, 3/4 or even something more exotic, we can do it. All genres are covered. The client has to request what genre or style, what tempo changes are needed, present guitar tracks if applicable or any other tracks as needed, and from there the composition begins. We use a variety of drum samples from GGD, SSD, Superior and many more. The client receives the completed track rendered and with the MIDI file at the end of the work. For optimal results it is suggested that the client is able to text back frequently to provide feedback on the progress and so that changes can be made in real-time


    We have quite the extensive library of samples and renders. We can take your MIDI work and render it with better sounding samples if required. This costs $5 a MIDI File.* (If the Midi file contains more than 5 instruments or is longer than 10 minutes than the costs go higher. For 6-10 midi instruments it becomes an additional $5 and for each 5 minutes beyond the allocated 10, it is $5 more as well.)

    The reason this service is offered is because not everyone can afford to compose with quality samples, but we can take your compositions and ideas and make it come to life. We do not  just render the files, we go through the midi track and articulate where needed, for instance we create realistic midi velocities for strings, we simulate proper tension on the playing of a piano player and we quantize if asked for. We also blend notes together if we believe it will sound better. For samples Check out the "Our Work Section."

   "Timeless Symphonies"

    This is a special service that is provided at a low price for those seeking to give their loved ones or honored ones a gift that will stay with them till the end of their life and live on forever. For $1500 we will create a symphony dedicated to the life of the esteemed recipient. Each minute of the composition will reflect the life of this individual. Life may be mortal, but music lives on forever.

    There are a few requirements for this gift however, The recipient must be above the age of 50, and the complete history of the individual must be given. That means it is up to the buyer to provide as much information as possible, from where he/she was born to did the person fall down the stairs at the age of 12, was the person a mischievous individual during these years, what did the individual love to do, did a family member get ill and effect the life of the individual, etc. Everything should be disclosed for the most optimal symphonic creation. The more detail, the more unique the gift can be. Things to note, the personality traits throughout the life of the individual, life events, secrets, etc. 

     We offer full and unquestioned discretion, only the buyer and whoever the buyers informants were would know of the information given. We can even assign an alias for the recipient, though the piece will be titled in the name of the recipient. We do not and will not disclose any information that is provided from our clients. 

    This gift is also to be AUTOMATICALLY updated till the day that the recipient dies.  This means that every ten years or until the passing of the recipient, the symphonic piece will be updated with any new information provided about the recipients life. This is optional and can be opted out of if desired. While the buyer can have slight creative input, it is best  left to our composer(s) to determine the adequate journey that will be presented to the listeners of the symphonic piece. 

    For purchasing/reservation and more information contact us immediately. 

We require months to prepare a piece in a timely fashion. (Typically clients want a piece done for the 50th or 60th birthday of the individual, some prefer it as a Christmas gift or any other holiday gift, and while morbid, this service makes a great accompaniment for a funeral service. 

   (If your recipient does not meet the requirements above or you want an orchestral piece composed for a different circumstance, feel free to contact us about our orchestral composition services, Thank you.)