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What We do

     X-147 Productions is an audio Production company that covers many aspects of the audio creation and design process. We work with small and large studios, bands, one on one with artists and with companies or corporations. We sometimes even work for those who require our services for an "odd job" or two. 

     X-147 Productions does audio recording, composition, audio engineering, mastering, music production, sound design, arrangement work, and we can also provide talent to a production whether the band or artist requires a singer or a guitarist, etc; we can find the person that fits the vision of our client. X-147 Productions is also a developing network of artists to that end, we have singers, rappers, drummers, guitarists, composers in our roster of network associates. (Maybe one day you'll hear of a label being formed by us...)


      For more information be sure to check out our other more in depth explanations at the page, "How We Work," and if you have further questions check our FAQ or contact us to ask and you will receive a reply promptly. 

We do:

*Everything marked with an asterisk is more thoroughly

explained in our "how we work" section. 

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