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How can we Contact X-147 Productions? 


 Through email, phone call or text. and 347-485-7761. You can also use the contact us form in the contact us section. 

How does meetings between X-147 and their potential clients take place?

  We can either skype, or meet in real life at a location throughout NYC. Preferably Manhattan to convenience all parties. There we can discuss the scope of the project, work out a few formalities such as recording, and much more. If you live out of state or even out of country, all of our services are still doable thanks to the power of the internet. Time zones are not an issue, as everyone in X-147 Productions have really random sleeping schedules, and in general all clients are consistently updated on the work being done at any moment of the day. This means that questions, comments, concerns are raised at any moment or can be addressed in a quickly and timely manner. 

What genres do you specialize in?

   We specialize in band genres. Meaning, Metal, Rock, Jazz, Blues and anything else that is applicable. This is not to say that we do not work with other styles, we also have experience working with rappers, film directors and even pop/ballad artists. 

What do I need to have done before heading into the studio to record or send in my music for mixing?

   Our clients are asked to have their vision and ideas ready. For recording, we need to know how many songs are being recorded, how many tracks per song (Eg; 2 guitars panned left and right + Drums (8 Mics-14 Mics)? +Bass + Vocals (3 tracks including backing = Around 14 tracks.) and of course if extra work needs to be added to the sound, such as want a chorus effect, or reverb, or other creative ideas to implement to the sound of what is being recorded. We also cannot stress enough that a person should be able to record the parts they have written or at least have someone that can do it for them. We are not responsible for wasted studio time trying to get a proper take. We can assist in finding a musician if possible, but the client will have to compensate that musician out of pocket. 

   For Mixing, we have to ask for the recorded stems, BPM and time signature changes, if anything additional needs to be composed to bolster the sound, and a general sound profile to try to mimic, augment or inspire. For mixing we work closely in the early steps to see what needs panning, volume adjustment and what effects are needed for experimental effect or artistic expression. 

Can you guys offer lower rates if we find competing producers and musicians for lower prices?

You are free to choose who you want to work with. Our portfolio speaks for itself and so does our contracts which provide legal guarantees. We hope our competitions portfolio can speak for itself. 

I like need a beat for next week and I got no money, but in the future when I am famous I can totally give you guys a shout out. So, is that cool?

    That is soo cool we have to ask how does one pay bills with a shout out? Like, how is that done in the present and not in the future, because that sounds like legitimate business partnership doesn't it? Why not invest all your money in us instead and after we get some more investors, and pay back our initial investors we'll see what we have for you. 

I have talent but I lack musical creativity. How can I start a career in music?

   You came to the right place, we can hear your current work, voice, skill, etc and from there evaluate if you are ready to record music. From there we contact you and talk about the next steps in your road to a career in music. 

How does payment work?

We like Cash. We also take Paypal. We can do checks and cash checks as well, in the future we will have more payment options including but not limited to your firstborn. (Just kidding.)

Can you show some of the work X-147 has completed for other artists?

Check out the "Our Work" section. 

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